Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Diesel from Waste with controlled neuronal self-learning software

Development of an “Waste Depolymerization - CTC Process - (Catalytic Tribochemical Conversion) Project.

The process of catalytic depolymerization is an efficient way of producing heating and diesel oil from household waste plastics. In general all types of plastic with high carbon and hydrogen percentage can be processed. Waste with high content of oxygen and halogens, like wood and PVC, can be processed with additives and antioxidants. They are not favorable since there are more suitable process for these.

The whole process is controlled neuronal, -a solution-, optimizing the product from specifications and input. It combines the storage (fire security) and the sorting of the input material, surveillance of the chemical kinetic and defenestration, the analysis of the output product (diesel oil) and the blending for the desired specifications.

The general overview of the material balance in the recycling process

  • Output (liter) / Input (kg)
  • PE, PEP ca. 0,90 l/kg
  • EBS ca. 0,75 - 0,80 l/kg
  • wood + biomass ca. 0,30 l/kg

The balance of the process will be automatically optimized by the neuronal system, allowing the minimization of losses.

The gas emission consist mainly of CO_2 / H_20/ N_2 The ash emission can be up to 30%mass (normal 15-25%mass) of the input, depending on the content and the purification (sand is useless waste). If the input contains chloride the amount of additives is high.

The depolymerization runs between 320°C - 380°C. Therefore no toxic dioxides are produced. The waste heat could be recycled into the process or be used to produce energy with an ORC-process.
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Mrs. Neels

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Mrs. Neels has been involved in the implementation of NEWE Real Estate & Energy GmbH in the field of real estate and renewable energies.
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