Wednesday 21 December 2016
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IBOGAINE: The CURE for drug addiction 2

What is Ibogaine?

lboga, the plant that ibogaine comes from, is considered sacred in Gabon and Cameroon, where it grows. In the West, it has gained a reputation for its ability to treat opioid and other substance use disorders.

lbogaine is not an opioid replacement treatment like methadone, nor an opioid antagonist like naltrexone. lbogaine at therapeutic doses offers people with opiate use disorders physiological relief from acute withdrawal symptoms, psychological insights to interrupt their opiate habit, and a neurotrophic mechanism that sustains the recovery process after the 36 to 48-hour treatment is over. It is not a guarantee, because that depends on the choices of the person taking it, but it is a ‘fresh start’ that an addict can take advantage of to achieve prolonged abstinence. Like other medication-assisted treatment modalities, it is most effective when used in conjunction with therapy or a recovery support network.

IBOGAINE: A new Therapy for Chemical Dependence that Eliminates Physical Withdrawal Signs and Interrupts Drug Craving Behavior.

My name is Akach and I live in Lamu, Kenya.  There is an endemic of drug addiction threatening this idyllic archipelago. Drug addiction is an illness and like any illness it requires a cure. A high percentage of the up-and-coming youths are uneducated, idle and jobless and addiction is on the rise. With an approximate population of 25,000 people on Lamu island alone it is estimated that 1 in 8 are addicted to opiates. With the average daily wage ranging from $3 - $8 the addicts habit costs $6 per day leaving very little for food or anything else.

Turning to crime to feed their habit is commonplace which in-turn places a huge burden on their families when they are forced to bail the addict out of jail or for money to cart them of to one of many stints at rehab. The average family here lives hand-to-mouth at the best of times and are then forced to sell of family possessions and land to meet these high financial demands from the addict which puts further pressure on everybody involved.

Rehab centres have a 90% failure rate as the method they use to treat addicts is methadone, a substance which mimics the opiate, and is used to help wean the addict from their addiction. The notion is ludicrous as methadone in itself is highly addictive.

I am embarking on this foundation with the aim to raise money to help cure addicts with the use of Ibogaine. With the number of addicts on the rise here we need to tackle the root of the problem by curing the addicts of their enslavement to drugs and I need your help to do this!
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