Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Our design review tool is like a spell-checker, but for an interface. It will make your app or website more user-friendly!


GobySavvy (Go be savvy) is a startup with a team of 11 expert user experience (UX) designers. They apply psychology and design principles to design simple, user-friendly technology. They’ve worked with global startups, as well as Fortune 500 companies, to clean up the products designed. Their goal is to help anyone, from the individual blogger to the large corporation, to create engaging digital experiences that are worth talking about.

With Goby Savvy app, everyone will have access to expert knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to find. The GobySavvy app allows you to run through a website or web app, click on interface elements, and find relevant user experience principles and solutions to improve the interface. And it’s not just for expert UX designers either.


There will be two versions of the GobySavvy tool:

1) Entrepreneur, developer, & novice version:

The normal version can be used by anyone: bloggers, designers, stakeholders, individual site owners, etc. The GobySavvy tool will walk you through your website or web app and point out obvious issues. You can click elements on your web page, and the app will attempt to detect principles and examples that would improve the element you clicked. The principles & examples come from reputable scientific research, established best practices, and examples from successful companies.

2) Expert UX Designer version:

The expert version is specifically designed for User experience (UX) designers. The tool is meant to speed up the UX review process. UX designers can quickly search for the UX principles they need and select relevant example screenshots to help the developers that read UX reports. User stories can be easily added to give context to the review. Finally, the report can be organized within the GobySavvy tool before exported to PowerPoint, Word, or PDF. The tool is estimate to speed up expert UX reviews by 30-50%, as it takes out the tedious process of searching for UX principles and reputable examples of design solutions.


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