Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Geeh The Band Always Thinking About Children

Geeh The Band is a young band consisting of Up, Cue, Mid, Groove, Loop, Melody, and Tune.

They come from a world far away called Premmuy and live in Garlywood. Geeh are about to make their mark on Earth. Go to Geeh The Band’s website to be a part of the band and make your own Avatar. Watch our videos on YouTube and follow us on Twitter. You can also download the app to stay in touch with the band!

Hi, its being the greatest adventure I ever had, as a parent you can understand what do we feel when our kids listen and sing along music that is not suitable for them …… thats why I created Geeh ( upbeat music with positive lyrics) its has being hard but with our own means we made it to billboard, mediabase and a lot of fans… now its time to move forward, we need your help to get this project to the next level, with your help we will record our third album called EVOLVE (10 songs, 10 videos ) and market it in a bigger way, who knows were we can end ……and we will develop our first mobile game, for this part we already have the contacts with one of the largest company in App & mobile games development in Usa & China, we met this guys last june in the 2015 licencing expo in vegas, at the Mandalay Bay, it was great, this app will have different levels of rewards, but a very exclusive thing is that as you go through levels you will be able to unlock videos, songs and exclusive content and when you reach certain level you can unlock the golden ticket for an upcoming audition for the next album…… yes we want kids to become part of the band with their own voices, nice right !!!!!!!!!

Kids start vocalizing !!!!!!!


Link to the Project:

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