Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Frugal Fashion Accessories for less

Fashion accessories & apparel for both men & women. For the frugal shopper. Free shipping.

Owning and operating a start up is a difficult task, even for the best of companies and ideas. Fashion accessories & apparel for both men & women. For the frugal shopper | We offer great deals, no shipping costs, and monthly deals. We have come to the point where we need more funds in order to keep up and handle our expanding customer base and team. If there is any way you cold help, we would be honored to receive.

Our team created because of our intense passion and desire to using brand names that charge way to much for what they are actually worth. It makes us sad to see great and beautiful people paying so much for jewelry that only cost a fraction of the price to make. We have spent quite some time working with industry heads to come up with the best and most affordable jewelry and accessories for people to look amazing in. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our beloved customer; and we made it a point to offer them three things we think they would value the most:

  • Beautiful and unique accessories, jewelry, and apparel at the lowest possible price.
  • The highest quality material out there .
  • Offering our items at less than half of what our competition their items for. is a fashion accessories & apparel website for the frugal shopper who values something great for less.
About Project Creator:

Jay Ellington 

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Owner/Founder at

Beautiful accessories at minimal costs with free shipping included. Dont miss out.
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