Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Eyes On Refugees is dedicated to those fleeing war

Eyes On Refugees is a group of like minded people dedicated to the vulnerable humans fleeing war.

We became involved in the refugee crisis when last August, the images of a lifeless boy washed ashore on the beach of Turkey. Our protective bubble had been broken and we could not help but feel that we needed to take action and do anything, something to help.

As parents, we felt broken and helpless staring at this epic historical crisis happening in front of us. We united and made our first voyage to the French refugee camps, Calais & Dunkirk. We spent 5 days working to provide first aid and triage. We saw countless women and children living in dangerous situations and being exploited in ways that are unimaginable.

Eyes on Refugees was born out of that first trip. We returned home forever changed with the mission to provide basic human needs and sustainable options to the fragile and displaced women and children all over the world.

Eyes on Refugees’ vision is to ensure all fragile and displaced humans are treated with dignity and given safe refuge.

About Project Creator:

My name is Jennifer Silverstone and I am the founder of a not for profit called Eyes on Refugees based out of Carlisle. We are committed to helping all displaced people in the world. Since our first trip in December 2015 to Dunkirk and Calais France to our last trip in April to the Idomeni/ Macedonia border in Greece we have managed to respond to emergent needs to the most fragile people fleeing war.

While on the ground we are assessing for sustainable options that can help in this long term crisis. We are working in conjunction with our government and Europe’s governments to create safe houses for unaccompanied minors and women traveling alone. These 2 populations are the most vulnerable and fall prey to evil. They are often forced into underground sex rings, never to be seen again. Interpol estimates that over 10,000 registered children have just “disappeared” believed to never be seen again.

To date we have 1 safe house in France which house 16-20 fragile individuals.  And in Thessaloniki Greece we have 2 fragile families that were identified to us by a Greek church who asked us to collaborate with them so that we could continue to save more. We agreed and are helping the church fund the safe shelters.

We leave again on June 8th to return to work with official and the church to identify more children.

All of that travel has been self funded and every penny we have raised by giving dinner talks in people’s homes and on our gofundmepage has gone directly from my hands or my partner, Sami Abdallah’s hands to those of the very needy. To date we have raised (and spent) 30k and we have used some of own funds.

We are now a 501c3 and were wondering how to do this in the least expensive way possible. Do you have any interest in helping us in any way you can please? We are collecting items for a silent auction if you would like to offer some items for that and we are having a gala this summer if you would like to donate some items to that as well. We would appreciate it so very much!!

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