Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Electronic Dance Music (EDM) SUPER Album & Label Launch

Goal is to create an EPIC multi-genre good vibes Electronic Dance Music (EDM) album & launch Record Label.

My name is Carl Davis and I go by the artist name BlackLight.

I am working on a VERY exciting project I could REALLY use your help with. The project is the creation of an EPIC dance music album & launching of a Record Label. I have been hard at work on both throughout the year, nearing the finish line, but could REALLY use help with completing. Specifically, I could REALLY use help with funding for recording in a professional studio, cost for album art/design/label logo creation, and few other related things.

My goal is to release the album and launch the label at the tail end of February, 2016. Doing so, will give me enough time to complete music production and have everything ready for promotion from the Web sites down.

As a small way of saying thank you for supporting, I am offering some great rewards ranging from a vinyl version of album, signed copy, bonus tracks, VERY COOL T-shirts, behind the scenes pics & video, social media shout outs, & much more.

If you are unable to support financially for one reason or another SHARING the project is another way of supporting & would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

About the Album

The album, which has been in the works for about 6 months, will be jam packed with feel good, uplifting, & fun dance tracks primarily under the House Music genre. That said, the sky is the limit when it comes to additional EDM genres included and on bonus tracks. Basically, I am letting my heart & creativity take the lead.

The ground floor for the album has been laid in my home studio, however I could REALLY use your help when it comes to finishing things up in a professional studio including vocals. My goal at the end of the day is to produce as high quality album as possible.

VERY rough snippet of one in the works:


About Label & Launch

As part of the project, I am launching a Record Label which is equally exciting. The name of the label is Plurred Vision Records and the name is derived from the acronym PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) along with the vibe.

Although I have enjoyed working with a variety of labels in the past, I thought it best to release the project under my own so I can have full control over the music, release time frame, promotion, and profit sharing. In order to ensure as much success with the label as possible, I am planning to partner with a very successful global music distributor that also provides assistance for new and smaller labels. This coupled with the operational experience I gained throughout the years working with labels will aide with the success.

I could REALLY use help when it comes to assisting with funding of logo creation, branding, and Web site development. All are in the works but I could REALLY use help to complete.


About Project Creator:

Carl Davis | BlackLight

EXTREMELY Hard working Electronic Dance Music (EDM) producer, songwriter, & performer who enjoys creating all types of electronic dance music that gets people on the dance floor and keeps them there.

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Link to the Project:


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