Monday 19 December 2016
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Deal With It: A party game for mean friends

A card game for people who love games, drinking and being mean to their friends



About The Game 

Deal With It - The Game of Bad Choices is a fun new drinking card game that let’s you get revenge on your friends in silly and often offensive ways.

The game combines all the things we love about drinking games with it’s own unique style and abundance of fun, awkward cards that’ll make any night, a night to remember, it’s great fun to play and we need your help to make it a reality…

So, if you’re into games, drinking and being mean to your friends then back our Kickstarter, in return you’ll get to play this game at your next party


it’s like King’s and UNO had a baby that grew into a moody teenager with a serious attitude problem.

Our new 2016 edition will make you laugh, cry and potentially fall out with your friends There are 162 cards in the deck which means hundreds of rule combinations, a different game every time!

Half of these cards are rule cards the other, action cards. Because you can choose which pile to pick from, the game delivers on it’s slogan “The Game of Bad Choices”. You never know what card you’re going to get!

The explicit version of our game is edgier than a typewriter wielding hipster in a coffee shop Don’t believe us? well with 162 unique cards, each more insulting that the last, the explicit edition lives up to it’s name, so expect nudity, swearing, drinking and of course lots of forfeits and crazy rules.

The new red design fits the theme perfectly and because the game shares the same structure / gameplay as the

standard 2016 edition you can mix them into the deck for a more customised level of profanity


THE OFFICIAL RULES - Learn how to get the party started


Fill up your drinks and you’re ready to begin !


Grab a glass and the Deal With It cards



Put the cards on the table and take turns drawing them



If you draw a…  Black Card (action card)  - Read it, then play it straight away and discard after use



If you draw a… White Card (rule card)  - Place it in the middle where everyone can see it



 Everyone must now abide by the rules on the white card



Ony 3 White cards are allowed in play at any one time. If 3 White Cards are in play and you draw another one



You must swap your card for an existing one , placing it over it. Now POKER FACE is in play! and the NO TEETH rule is out



Also! Deal With It Cards are hiding deck. Pick your victim then place the card in front of them. They drink instead of you , until it’s your turn again



About Project Creator:

Adam Snook

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As a creative I push myself to think outside of the box looking at new ways of working, developing and thinking. Dream big, think beyond what is possible and explore past the horizon, there’s a whole world of possibilities and I’m just touching the surface.



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