Monday 19 December 2016
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Kids Run

“Kids Run” explores childhood through the story of a neglected young girl who seeks companionship from a baby she finds at the park.

Kids Run is a short coming of age film that follows a young girl’s night away from home. Gael doesn’t feel appreciated at home so she finds an escape by playing house with an unlikely companion and an abandoned baby they find in a park. With minimal dialogue and explanation, Kids Run is a visual escape that allows us to understand the child in us that just wants to disappear.

This project is a short film written, filmed, directed, and edited by 19-year-old NYU film student, Felicia McGowan. The making of this film has required countless hours of writing, negotiating, preparing, and then rewriting. At this point, funds are needed to pay talent, and cover rental charges, music rights, and festival entries. I hope this project can reach its full potential.

At the beginning of this summer, I set a goal to produce one short film this summer that I am proud of. I began writing Kids Run with really no goal or plot line. I strive to show the indecencies of childhood; neglect from peers and authorities, and what our children do to escape. Gael’s journey is very impractical and could even be seen as a dream. I chose to cut down on dialogue and true explanations so the audience would be inspired to question everything they see. They interpret what the characters are feeling and thinking, enabling us to reclaim the mindset of emotionally lost adolescents.

After outlining my ideas and writing a first draft, I considered all the obstacles I might encounter. Finances was a huge one. I needed equipment, assistance, talent, and post-production assets. Fortunately, I found a great equipment rental company, accommodating agents, and giving peers that all helped make this project possible.

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