Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Cozi Bear Boutique

Retailer and wholesaler of women’s clothing and accessories

Cozi Bear Boutique first started selling their youthful, sexy, and cute lines of women’s clothing, accessories and shoes in 2013, they made a decision to keep things simple, the foundations of their brand would be superior customer service, fast shipping, competitive pricing and great quality products. No gimmicks, no overhyped promises, just the core needs of all online shoppers.

Cozi Bear Boutique was started by Allison Machin, a stay at home mom looking to earn extra money. She started out making handmade items to sell on Etsy, but that wasn’t bringing in much income. Soon after launching her store, Allison noticed that leg warmers started trending online and decided to add those to her store as well. This was the turning point for Cozi Bear — sales boomed. After that went really well, Allison wanted to start selling clothing on a deal site and got approval from to become a retailer. This is when the business really took off. Up until this point, Allison’s husband pitched in now and then in a small capacity, but the business soon grew so big that he quit his job and started working full time with Allison!

Cozi Bear is in business with some of the most rapidly growing deal sites like,, and, plus, one of the top clothing wholesale sites in the country. They have reached top seller status with Jane and Eleventh Avenue, and will soon replicate these results with Zulily.

Between retail and wholesale sales, Cozi Bear generated $2.4 million in sales in 2015 and is on pace to far surpass that amount in 2016. The company has seen tremendous growth every year since their start in 2013 and expect that trend to continue.

Cozi Bear provides a large selection of clothing, accessories, and shoes through multiple selling channels. Our style is snappy casual — everyday casual, some geared toward business, classy pants and tops, wedges, ankle boots, etc. The key to becoming a retailer on the biggest deal websites is constantly staying on top of clothing and accessory trends. The key to creating loyal and happy customers once we’re there is excellent customer service, fast shipping, and great prices.

Cozi Bear provides more than 425 different products across all our sales channels.

Featured Products

  • Their motive is to Build up their relationship with Zulily.
  • Launch their own website:
  • Add clothing to wholesale partnership with Fashion Go.
  • Hire a designer and start making their own brand of clothing and accessories.

The team welcomes your messages of support and encouragement, please do leave a message or comment alongside any pledge.
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