Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Ashland Tennis Club (ATC)

ATC will not only enable Ashland to compete with Lex every year in tennis, but will also bring new jobs and families to Ashland, Ohio.

Wooster Racquet Club is Closing. Ashland Tennis Club will be located in Ashland, but near Wooster.

Our goal is to not only work with the Ashland market, but also the Wooster area. We want to be near route 71 so that additional out of town tennis players can easily access our club. Near the Fin or a little further towards Wooster would be ideal.

We are also considering A&W Tennis Club as a potential name. The A would represent Ashland and the W represent Wooster. We want to build 8 indoor tennis courts, 2 racquetball courts, and room to add 6 Har-tru courts and a pool outside at a later time. 5 courts will be used every night for adult USTA practices and leagues, and 3 courts will typically be teaching pro courts.

We would like enough indoor space for locker rooms and a foosball/ping pong area. We are considering 2 indoor soccer fields to add revenue streams, as well as daycare/babysitting services like Paramount Tennis does. We value having many revenue streams, and the revenue/square footage ratio of the building is important to us.

Perhaps lifelong Ashlander and current AU girls soccer coach Danny Krispinsky could lead the soccer program. Perhaps a Men’s Tennis program could be added to Ashland University now that Men’s Soccer has been cut.

We aim to be able to serve as many tennis enthusiasts as possible by not charging too much. Our tennis philosophy will include 3 primary goals:

1. Sportsmanship

2. Having Fun

3. Learning

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