Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Trading AdviceXX: Trading for Everyone

Playing the stock market can become profitable even for beginners thanks to our news bulletins.

Trading, a term which all of us have heard at least once in our lifetime, perhaps during a news broadcast, or simply after seeing some famous film title; some of us may even have already tried their luck on the stock exchange, feeling like Goldman Sacks! It could well be they have suffered losses due to lack of experience and basic knowledge; the financial world considers us all in the same light – today it gives you everything and tomorrow takes it all back with interest. We are here to put this situation straight, with a service designed to assist all first-time traders and also those with more experience; in fact, all those seeking support they can count on at a really low price.

We propose a service of daily news bulletins (some of which with more than one update a day) developed by industry experts and containing all kinds of useful information for the trader wanting to make his/her business profitable. Enclosed in a simple format in fact, clients will find all sorts of easy-to-interpret information, from the list of support and resistance levels for the day (updated during market opening hours) up to the most varied technical analyses based on indicators and line studies.

An economic calendar is also provided for each instrument with indications of significant developments relating to the above and useful information for better interpreting changing trends and trend consolidations.

Don’t be scared by words that are not yet in your vocabulary. Everything will be made so simple that even a child would be capable of moving around in the stock market and financial world. All this has also been designed to be able to provide support to those who, given the current economic situation, find themselves with a part time job or even unemployed. Such people now therefore have the chance to invest small amounts and increase their income. By means of tutorials entered in the web format, we shall help clients find their way around the stock market world and teach them to operate effectively with the various financial instruments, drawing up a list of trusted brokers with whom to work, followed by detailed explanations of how to make withdrawals and payments. Finally for the most willing, there will be a section dedicated to descriptions and study materials, so they can perform analyses on their own.

The website will also contain a not-to-be-missed “forum section” where clients will be able to exchange ideas, post queries and benefit from provided explanations.

The service will be based on a website, created with intuitive and professional graphics. A section will be available dedicated to the news bulletins, split up by financial instruments; another section will focus on tutorials and the materials provided to better understand the stock exchange system.

Finally, there will be a forum where everyone can exchange ideas, start new conversations and expand knowledge. And of course there will be a thank you section with the names of our donors, unless the latter ask to remain anonymous. The monthly cost will be low, so as to make the project accessible to everyone, and will fluctuate between 29 and 49 Euros/month.


About Project Creator:

Daniele Fracchia

I’m 21 and I’m addicted to everything around economy, i moved to London one years ago to improve my management skills and now i attend the economy university in Pavia, i think this project can help a lot of people with some difficult ( for who lose his job or who can’t afford something he wants)
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