Tuesday 20 December 2016
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The Age of Affect

Here are the rituals I practiced to become a more creative leader in business and a more successful artist. Now you can too.


53 poems and stories that bridge the gap between art and commerce

Most people don’t understand the difference between affect and effect, yet in modern workplaces the difference is crucial to getting your team to connect and work well together.

Author of the new book, The Age of Affect (Richmond Publishing $27.99), Matt Jackson, says that affect has always been considered less important than effect, simply because effect (ie the result) has been easier to measure. “It makes individuals think they must accept full responsibility for the way they feel and think, without any entity that directly affected them being held accountable,” Matt says. “The effects of this are startling - companies that address the ways they affect their employees are succeeding, yet those that ignore it are imploding.

In The Age of Affect, Matt Jackson, whose clients include Adobe, QBE, CBA and The University of Sydney, explores how business affects people, drawing on decades of experience as a practising artist and owner of two businesses, as well as the experiences of 15 of his peers. Uniquely dispersing 53 poems and stories that bridge the gap between art and commerce, the book covers:

  • The importance of creating a Culture of Courage
  • Leading with Authenticity
  • Discovering Passion and Purpose
  • The Relationship between Art and Commerce
  • Understanding Decision Making and Drive
  • Goal setting & building a Community

Filled with examples and relatable stories, The Age of Affect integrates what we can learn about the art of business and what the business of art can teach us.
About Project Creator:

Matthew Jackson

Founder of, The affectors academy, author of The Age of Affect and owner of The Drawing Book Studios

Matt believes that people and communication have the greatest impact on business performance.

Business success has to be determined by the people, not the leader, otherwise the business would die with the leader”.

In 2013 Matt founded affectors PTY LTD to bridge the gap between art and commerce. affectors trains corporates and professional artists to increase profitability by focusing on the affect of their actions before the effect.

Between 2005 and 2014 Matt ran the Drawing Book Studios, a group of managers dedicated to finding work for visual artists.

Matt is a published poet who continues to perform his poems internationally.

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