Tuesday 20 December 2016
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SNAPSTYK™ is a durable cell phone case with a built-in Bluetooth enabled selfie stick.

SNAPSTYK™ is a beautifully designed, durable cell phone case and selfie stick in one. No more carrying around extra cases or mounts, and say goodbye to those bulky sticks! SNAPSTYK is slim, stylish and sturdy, and fits discreetly into your pocket or bag for easy access when it’s time to capture that special moment.

BUILT-IN STICK: Strong, sturdy and extends up to 11 inches. Quickly and easily retracts back into place for convenient storage when not in use.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BUTTON: Features Bluetooth technology which controls your device’s camera to capture both photo and video. This button also powers ON your SNAPSTYK. Automatic OFF after 30 seconds.

ROTATING HEAD: Position your mobile device vertically or horizontally to get the best angle in either Portrait Mode or Landscape Mode.

DEVICE CONTROL SLOTS: Controls, ports, microphone and speaker remain easily accessible, allowing you to keep your SNAPSTYK case on your device at all times.

DUAL CAMERA ACCESS: Capture photos and videos using your device’s front-facing or rear-facing camera.

SLIM, DURABLE, STURDY: Manufactured with high-end materials to provide quality protection for your device, as well as a strong, stable hold when fully extended. The slim, discreet design makes it easy to store away in your pocket or bag.


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