Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Send Victoria & Zeta Five on the 2016 Olympic Games Tour!

VICTORIA & ZETA FIVE is gearing up for the 2016 Olympic Games Tour in Rio de Janeiro with a new album and tour. Please join us and you can be a part of this one-time project.

VICTORIA & ZETA FIVE is making a new original album titled The New Americas, with live concert performances to follow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil just in time for the Olympics in August 2016 where cultures from around the world meet. They will continue with tours regionally in Texas, the United States, and internationally. We are asking for your financial support to build an engaging and inspiring show to take on tour to promote the new album!

To date, VICTORIA & ZETA FIVE has produced and released three new singles, Quiet Storm / New Americas, Janaina, and Fast Track, which by the way, are getting great response through Radio Airplay. In 3 months we have acquired hundreds of fans, with comments like:

  • “This is great stuff !!!!  I luv it!!”
  • “Good Brazilian reminiscenses.”
  • “Good vibe and great voice, wish I could see her live”

In addition to Quiet Storm / New Americas, Janaina, and Fast Track, other songs on the new album will include:

Three original songs composed by Luiz Coutinho (a.k.a. The Batikum) titled “Sem Magaos (No Resentment)” and “Theme from the Batikum”, a fusing of Afro / Brazilian pop and rap (in Sem Magaos) and “Sacode a Poeira (Shaque of Dusty)”.

Other songs, written and composed by Victoria and/or Edward T Hammill (Victoria & Zeta Five), include “I’ve Known You Once Before / That Was Then, This Is Now”, slow electric rock blues with an extended expressive violin solo lead, “It’s A Lazy Morning Rain”, recorded and sung in the style of a Brazilian samba, Awakening, a lullaby waltz with Arabic and folk rock influences, Send Me Your Lovin’ (Cajun swamp blues), Star Struck (swing rock jazz / blues with rap), and two high energy compositions to be determined.

The “Send Victoria & Zeta Five on the 2016 Olympic Games Tour” Kickstarter Campaign is Phase I of the project.

The successful funding of Phase I will cover the cost of completing The New Americas album, marketing and packaging of digital downloads and jewel case CDs with inserts, building the show, and booking the tour regionally in Texas, the United States, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Performing live at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro hinges on booking a date at the Olympics and the successful funding via Kickstarter of Phase II of the project, which will cover the expense of travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and back; such as, airfare, lodging, food, musical gear and equipment rental, and local transportation to load and unload instruments and gear for live performances with the band).

Here’s how you can help …

We’ve come up with some great rewards to share with you and thank you for your contribution. Please visit the “Send VICTORIA & ZETA FIVE on the 2016 Olympic Games Tour!” Kickstarter Campaign and choose to be a backer to receive REWARDS!

For more information, contact Victoria Hammill at (512) 791-2541 or email



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