Tuesday 20 December 2016
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‘Save the Rhino’ and lower your golf score

Izulu Golf manufacturers exciting golf products with industry changing features that guarantee to help golfers at any level improve their game.

Save the Rhino and lower your golf score with the izulu P3

Recently, while reading an article on the plight of the Rhino in South Africa, I was extremely  disturbed to discover they were being killed just for their horns at the rate of 3 every day (1,215 were killed in 2014) and made myself a promise to do whatever I could to help stop this carnage.

Our P3 Putter is finished and ready for market and has received both the R&A and USGA (golf’s governing bodies) rules conformance. The one izulu product that is easy for golfers to correctly set up themselves is our P3 Putter. The P3 has patented adjustments and features which are clearly described in the following video.

We decided to offer special priced pre-launch Rhino engraved limited edition versions of the P3 putter with US$25.00 for each one sold going to Save the Rhino International (UK registered charity 1035072 – information further down this page) who desperately need funds to fight their campaign. Including, 100 special Numbered Engraved Certificated Limited Edition P3 Putters, No’s 51-100 are available at no increase over the recommended retail price and No’s 1-50 at a small premium – first come first served!

The izulu P3 is perfectly balanced and is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum with a CNC machined Brass insert face and produces the best ‘Top Spin’ roll we have ever tested. We are so confident of the quality we offer a 5 year warranty on the P3 (excluding the grip).

Our next goal is to launch the product range – izulu golf clubs have features and technology far beyond anything currently offered by the industry, and will only be available correctly fitted and sold through qualified golf professionals and fitters. To date no golfer regardless of ability (including tour players) have owned clubs that out performed izulu.


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