Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Pizzakaya: gourmet pizzeria/Amer. craft beer concept ranked #1 by Trip Advisor as the best pizza in Japan. Introducing concept in USA.

Pizzakaya is a successful and popular restaurant in Japan with an immediate objective to introduce an improved concept into the U.S. The restaurants, which offer a confluence of New York/California /Asian Fusion gourmet pizza and craft beer. Currently, there are two locations( presently, 1more under construction) that are successful and profitable. The restaurant was ebitda positive after 12 months of ramping. The objective is to open 3-5 additional locations over the next 24-36 months. Funds are needed to open the new locations, including tenant improvement costs, signage, furniture, equipment and other start-up expenses. The concept is proven and has been very successful.

The concept was originally started in Tokyo and subsequently evolved into an extensive New York/California/Asian fusion menu in Okinawa. The owner has an extensive background both in business/finance and in the food/beverage industry. Currently, the 2nd location is being built and is expected to launch Sept. 2016. The restaurants cater largely to Americans and U.S. Military personnel/family members living in Asia. New locations will also be located in proximity to U.S. Military installations throughout Asia and the U.S. The first 2 operations in the U.S. will be built in Greenwich, Ct./ Manhattan and will be the first of its operations to craft its proprietary beer recipes.

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