Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Pioneer Log Siding: a Nationwide Phenomenon!

Pioneer crafted to appear over 150 Years Old.

We created a log siding so historically authentic it boggles the eye!  Better yet, it discourages the need to tear down old historic cabins for their reclaimed logs!

Our Home Started a Nationwide Trend!

Hi Folks, I’m Richard Gunst and this is my wife Chris on the deck of our newly built cabin home in 2005, high above Breckenridge, Colorado.

After decades of graphic arts and studio set design, I retired the theatrical glitz of Southern California and together we hit the dusty trail for Breckenridge Colorado.

Our Dream! Build a cabin, hike, bike, ski and visit some great Old Ghost Towns. But, while visiting them we noticed ODD that would change our Lives Forever.

Sporadic footprints where buildings once stood, were gone! Then we found out why. Reclaimed wood brings BIG dollars, sold into Private Estates never to be seen by the public again!  We started thinking, “If this continues the only thing left to visit will be… Photo Graphics!

Little did we know we were about to change things. 

After completing our Log Cabin Home, the drive by compliments were over the TOP! Most everyone loved our home and wanted to know where we got our logs. The Idea hit us like a Lam Beg Drum, Loud and Clear!

Pioneer Log Siding was Born!

Pioneer is crafted using the same type of tools our ancestors used plus, a few updated to meet the demand. Our wood is Doug Fir, Kiln Dried from the same types of trees our ancestors used.

Pioneer Log Siding requires NIL to NO upkeep. The older it becomes the more authentic it appears. Unlike factory milled boards, concrete or plastic,  Pioneer Log Siding is the real frontier McCoy!
Our Passion:

“Preserving Historic Cabins Across America!”

Pioneer Log Siding has become a great solution over reclaimed logs. Historic structures like these are being dismantled daily for their logs. Our customers have told us that without Pioneer they would have chosen old historic reclaimed logs.

If we continue to tare down these old historic structures for their logs, The only thing left for anyone to visit will be Photo Graphics.
About Project Creator:

Richard Gunst

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For 35 years I produced theatrical murals and set designs throughout Southern California. My projects included: Cable TV, Theme Parks, Stadiums, NBC Studios, Universal Studios, Disneyland and Knots Berry Farm. “

After retirement my wife and I moved to Colorado and there I reinvented myself and creating Pioneer Log Siding, We are now filling Nationwide orders.
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