Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Peeps Magazine — Send Issue 02 to press

An independent magazine tracking cultural shifts around the world.

Peeps Magazine is the newest contribution to the growing revival of print publishing. Using award-winning photojournalists and designers, Peeps shares the research of anthropologists and sociologists who have spent years, and even decades, examining cultures around the world in engaging, long-form stories. The magazine, published in Toronto, tracks cultural change, basing each issue’s stories on an important social catalyst that serves as the issue’s theme.

Issue 01, published in December 2015, is about the ways in which technology has asserted itself as the main actor in social change. With stories as diverse as hip-hop in Serbia and Iceland and how technology is enabling community-created security in marginalized districts of Medellin, Colombia as well as the powerful role video-gaming communities play in affecting political change in China, Peeps looks at stories that faster news agencies don’t have the opportunity to examine. Some of these stories take years to take shape, a luxury news agencies and most other publications don’t have.

The upcoming Issue 02 will be published in July 2016, and explores physical thresholds: how they are demarcated and how we negotiate them. Stories for Issue 02 span across, South Africa, France, New Zealand, Indonesia, Morocco and North America, exploring diverse issues such as urban anxieties post-apartheid Johannesburg, gentrification of the rue Saint-Denis in Paris, to the ascription of legal identity to a river in New Zealand. Alongside our academic, more narratively driven stories are practical stories that put the work of researchers into direct communication those who create policies, products, and communications. Issue 02 features an interview with the Research Director of Airbnb, as well as the researcher behind a New York City way-finding project aimed at increasing walkability and pedestrian engagement with the city. In future issue we look forward to tackling such subjects as beauty, gender, and sports.
About Project Creator:

The team that brings Peeps together is comprised of myself,

Greg Salmela, the founder of Peeps, and Sabrina Xiang, an award-winning magazine designer based out of Aegis Design in Toronto, with the editing oversight of Anya-Milana Sulaver and Aliah El-houni.

We work with an advisory panel of practical and academic anthropologists and sociologists to source out the most interesting and relevant social research being done. Each of us is equally passionate about the work we are doing here with Peeps, and want to see it grow to become a sustainable publication. Your donation to our Indiegogo campaign will help us to get there.

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