Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Ovobox - easy way to create website

New and easy way to create website and manage content. It takes only two clicks to see your first page.


This is the first platform for the front-end development and content management without limitations.
The official website is

New Startup Ovobox announced today that it is raising funds via rewards crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finish the development of their revolutionary cloud platform for the front-end developers. The company set out to raise at least $12,000 on Kickstarter to finish development of their invention that is going to change the web technology market.

As they are claiming, Ovobox is new way to create website. This is the first platform for the front-end development and content management without limitations.

Developer do not have to learn the special aspects of the platform, as he is only working with code
(HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and do not have to use the third-party IDE.

No need to install and configure the engine files and the database. Moreover, there is no need to write
the back-end, as everything you might need is already implemented. It is possible to use any favorite
framework or library, which can be enabled in the settings or connected to the system from any

With Ovobox, to create an online store is simply. Needs only add products to any page. In addition,
user can edit the store and products display layout. All the blog and shop options (number of
posts/products per page, the date format, the default sorting, currency, languages, delivery, payment,
and other) are available in the settings. Any content can be edited inline.

The Ovobox Cloud Platform will be very helpful for any knowledge level developers. It is going to
change web development and make it much easier, faster and enjoyable.

Our Team:

The Founders declare that, as a reward for those who make a donation starting with $199 and up, their team will develop more than 50 professional websites in only two months after campaign ends using the Ovobox platform.


Link to the project:

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