Wednesday 21 December 2016
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My polo t-shirt shop need printer and office shop

My polo t-shirt shop and mobile case need a powerful printer and looking for main office to start

Hello Every one

I have a offline business about print screen polo and t-shirt  product.. Now we have a small module on website hat website do about who’s get in website they can be create t-shirt with a special style .. maybe make for couple maybe make for special days and for some one online…

And my job  will get a same design to print out… into a real t-shirt.. and when finish that T-shirt will delivery to customer who’s create at his home.

That’s a simple about my website job.. please see next chapter..
What you get

If you need and think my business will come true  and go for the future please help me .

1.when we have a printer machine.. we will print on t-shirt and then delivery on your home for special thanks.. please see sample or your own style if you need

2. and when we have goal for we will  put you name on office wallpaper for special credit too..( include 1. send t-shirt on you home)
The Impact

when my job goal for i will make under for special thank.

  • step 1 when we have printer we will print t-shirt and deliver to you home.
  • step 2 when we have office we will make step 1 and write you name for credit into wallpaper on the office for make that happen !


Link to the Project:

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