Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Luvit: The Real-Life Like Button


The Luvit lets you take the like button off the screen and gather or share opinions about anything and everything.


Engage with people in a whole new way with this one-of-a-kind interactive crowdsourcing tool.

Luvit, Tap it, Track it

In any situation, The Luvit keeps track of engagement. You set the tone, purpose and goal. The Luvit tells you how many people love (or dislike) it.

The Luvit approves, disapproves, rates and/or compares based on your needs.

The Luvit is an entirely new way to engage.

Now customers have a new way to engage with products other than purchasing or dealing with a sales rep. Find out what people REALLY think when you aren’t looking.

Convert interest to purchase:

Find out what people want, what they will buy and what they can’t stand by simply looking at the numbers.

Safe, Secure, Anonymous.

It’s safer and more private than “liking” on social media, with no risk of spam or privacy loss.

What Can I Do With A Luvit?


  • Crowdsource your next design decision
  • Keep tabs on good behavior/chore completion
  • Easily collect votes from large groups
  • Find out which movie people like best
  • Gather opinions on a new product line
  • Share your opinion about anything and everything


Link to the Project:

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