Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Learning Math Through What You Love

MIE Learning Summer Camp: Learning Math Through What You Love

CUP N Learning Company’s tutoring service: Comprehension and Understanding to improve your Performance.

CUP’N Learning LLC was founded by Amber Wingfield in February of 2016. CUP’N Learning LLC mission is “to make learning an everyday experience,” and vision is to “provide every learner with the tools  they need to comprehend and understand to improve performance.”Our motto is “Your CUP to Success.

CUP’N Learning LLC is putting together this campaign to raise funds for our first annual summer camp starting June, 2017. The name of our summer camp is MIE Learning. MIE stands for Math in everything.

CUP’N Learning LLC is a learning center that allows learners of all ages to use their strengths to strengthen their weaknesses. We provide the community with a place where every learner have the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that will help him or her excel in their personal endeavors. CUP’N Learning LLC is working to help bring all generations together to grow, learn and strengthen mathematical and literary skills, all while doing what he or she enjoy.

CUP’N Learning LLC offers a variety of programs and services for kids, teens, young adults, and adults.

CUP’N Learning LLC offer tutoring services for learners of all ages, and college and career prep for teens, adult learner and adults.  In order to help individuals reach their personal goals and put them on the right path to reaching their full potential,CUP’N Learning LLC offers classes as part of our programs and services geared towards our learners

CUP’N Learning LLC offers a variety of programs from homework help to SAT Prep.

CUP N Learning LLC’s tutoring service offers personalized, 1-on-1 instructions that helps students gain confidence, improve grades, and learn new skills. Choosing CUP N Learning LLC’s tutoring service for tutoring is about setting your child or yourself up for success. Discover how CUP N Learning LLC’s tutoring service works for families like yours — from our personal approach, to our interactive learning, to our amazing results. Raise your CUP to success.

Each contribution made to this campaign will help to make MIE Learning affordable for the community, and obtain the materials and resources to run the camp successfully.

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