Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Interactive PhotoVideoBook Backpacking South America


Interactive PhotoBook, best shoots and video (QR) backpacking in south america! Looking Extreme Wild and outdoor activities. NO REGRETS.

Welcome to my Interactive book Project!

As I said in the video, I am fascinated about WILD, I’ am doing this book for a personal challenge, because it’s really important to explain and show this experiences, to save this emotions forever in a Book!

Since ages the books give us emotions, but today it’s a bit out of fashion, so I wanted to join the old paper with technology through QR code:

My book will be 20 x 30, have 26 to 30 pages, rigid cover, best quality paper.

Each page will have a personal QR code which brings you to a page on my website, where explains better with a description and a video that picture or the situation.

When I see a picture I am always curious to see how photographs are doing their pics and all the backstage!

First I will produce 50 books, It cost 25€ each to produce them, because it’s very good quality, after I will try to publish it, to be in all libraries!

Of course my pics and videos will be original, uploaded on youtube, so you can follow it on my page, I have already done some and more are coming! As well as the website, it’s under construction, I am followed by a friend which is a specialist.

About Project Creator:

Mircea Alexandru Vasiliu (Wild Mitch)

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23 years Old, loved the nature and sports since ever, I have played rugby for ten years, and many other hobbies like snowboarding, trekking, scuba diving, MTB, climbing and loved to do pics and videos of my activities.

I like outdoors, and of course Traveling, finished school I worked as pizza maker for 6 month, after I left for Australia, where I lived for a year, working and backpacking. I have traveled a lot, visited around 14 countries. Now I am back home doing a year of Army, finishing in June, looking forward to become true my dreams!
Link to the Project: 

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