Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Help fund testing of DiamondLube to stop pollution

NanoLube, Inc. needs certified testing proving Greenhouse Gas reduction and increased MPG.

DiamondLube is one of those game changing inventions. Like Alternating Current, airplanes, cars, the transistor, or even the iPhone, DiamondLube is like nothing before it. According to the owner and years of testing, DiamondLube relies on a new form of Spherical NanoDiamond that prevents wear and has the lowest tested Coefficient of Friction in the world.

This combination of new properties is what allows DiamondLube to give automotive gains in MPG of 30% and higher.

Diamond has a well known property to be the hardest material and be very abrasive.

According to NanoLube, Inc they discovered a process that makes smooth, spherical Nano sized diamond ball bearings. Not only do they not cause wear; wear is prevented. Now, they say DiamondLube’s COF is .0008, that is fracking low! Teflon, you know, that anti stick coating on a frying pan has a COF.04.

NanoLube, Inc. is asking for your help, and offering unprecedented savings on DiamondLube to pay for Certified Automotive testing required by the United States Postal Service, prior to their considering using this new technology in their fleet. NanoLube, Inc. sponsored goldRush Rally 2015 and treated dozens of exotic cars improving performance in every one.

DiamondLube is based on NanoLube, Inc.’s other product, Quicken CLP that the US DoD approved for MIL SPEC as the only approved diamond coating in the World.

Two companies that recently tested DiamondLube are Coo Space Co Bearing company in Japan, and AG Russel Knife co. DiamondLube was applied to a ball bearing allowing the bearing to last 300 times longer than it should have.

The Knife test showed that the AG Russell oiled knife hinge lasted 69,000 cycles before it was completely worn out.

The hinge with DiamondLube had no wear after 1,250,000 cycles when the test abruptly stopped. The knife company’s life wear test machine broke during testing of DiamondLube because the machine was never supposed to run for that long.

After learning about this product two movies came to mind, “Man in the White suit” where an inventor creates an indestructible thread and “Forbidden Planet” where the machinery has run unattended and without wear for millions of years.

DiamondLube sounds too good to be true but with all the tests that have been done, it’s too good not to try it, at a 50% discount! Learn more at the Indiegogo site

About project Creator:

Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold was Lombard’s downtown jeweler and gemologist. He started inventing by creating a tabletop plasma fusion reactor and refined its operation over the course of several years experimentation. Chris opened NanoLube, Inc in 2006 and introduced NanoLube to market for the first time, using smooth, spherical nanodiamond. No other product on Earth is based on this unique material. Dozens of over the road truckers are now getting 30%-50% better fuel economy, but the big companies refuse to believe the numbers. Which brings us to where we are now, Certified Testing will prove the product works, and Chris needs your help to get this testing done.


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