Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Project that helps people to make cherished dreams come true and changes the life for the better.

Have you ever dreamed about people who chipped in for one dollar for you? For every person separately it is imperceptible, miniscule sum, but for you it is an impressive capital, it is financial independence, it is comfortable and happy life for you, your family, children and loved ones. You would no longer deny yourself of anything. You wanted an expensive and exclusive car - you get it. House? Not a question, and so on. If someone suggested you to take part in similar draw, would you invest one ruble to win a million?

You have such opportunity!

Our project gives every person from any corner of our planet an ability to change their lives for the better. The draws are held on a monthly basis, which means that every month all who took part in a draw have a chance to win. Moreover, 10 winners are chosen during one draw in the project and the raised amount of funds is equally divided between them.

The GetRich is an international project the essence of the matter of which is to draw a lot of money collected by the initiation fee collection. The project gives the possibility to get the impressive sum of money with minimum costs. This project helps people to make cherished dreams come true, gives financial freedom and changes the life for the better.

The main idea is that every participant makes a little contribution – just one dollar. These contributions, due to the participants of many millions, form an impressive bank account. The proud owner of this huge account will be our lucky winner. The winner is chosen by the random number generation in a month. This number is the participant sequence number.

The quantity of the contributions is unlimited so every additionally contributed dollar gives you additional chance to win.  The drawing will be held every month. To get more information you can by the link under the video!
About Project Creator:

Alexander Livinskiy,

Andrey Kotov & Dmitry Kotov

Public activists and volunteers, who want to bring happiness to others.


Link to the Project:

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