Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Esbee Cables

Esbee Cables are world’s first real leather smartphone charging cables that are handcrafted with top quality natural hide and suede leather. This means no more breaking or fraying at the ends but that’s not it; the cable has been redesigned from scratch. An Esbee Cable has:-

– Thick 24AWG power wire which is 60% thicker than the conventional 28AWG power wire.

– 5 layers of insulation where most cables have 3 or less layers.

– 18 braided mesh of tinned copper for extreme durability. The usual is 8 braids or less.

– 24 Carat Gold flashed connector pins and Nickel plated connectors for extreme resistance to corrosion.

Esbee Cables are luxurious and durable smartphone leather charging cables. All cables are handmade and stitched by skilled craftsmen with 100% natural leather. The cables are meant to last – you can pull and tug all day long, but Esbee Cables will never rip. The thick 24 AWG power wire – 60% thicker than regular power wires – enable fast phone charging, and the brass buckle belt allows you to neatly coil your Esbee Cable so that it’s never left in a tangled mess. Lastly, the color options in both classic hide leather and vibrant suede allow for a unique touch and personalization.


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