Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Ebony Kiss #1

Ebony kiss one of the first African-american female cow girls. As a bounty hunter she seeks justice in a world with very little.

Set in the 1860’s this western’s focus is on a era where people of color were property. As a child almost hung but saved for a bigger purpose. Can she overcome all the obstacles of that era to dish out justice for those who receive none?

Hi my name is Del Hewitt Jr. I am a comic book artist for Hound Comics. I am determined to see Ebony Kiss published in honor of it’s creator Bernard Busby. One of my best friends, Bernard came to me to work together to produce Ebony Kiss. I was ready to get the project going unfortunately Bernard passed away in 2008. If he was still with us I know seeing Ebony Kiss published and in your hands would be a dream come true. I’m here to see his dream come true and to honor his creation and his life. He was an amazing man and I want the world to know how great he is.

Link to the Project:

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