Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Does your dog or cat love to look out the window? Check out Lacey’s Lookout on Kickstarter!

Lacey’s Lookout is the first-ever window seat furniture for dogs and cats. Isn’t it time your pet had the best view in the house?

Lacey’s Lookout is the first-ever window seat furniture for dogs and cats. Are you tired of your dog or cat sitting on your furniture to enjoy the view out of the most entertaining window? Now they can have their own place to enjoy that view on a super-comfy bed which sits atop real wood furniture.  Wouldn’t your dog or cat love to have a Lookout?

You know how much our fur-kids love to look out the window. Until now, the best way for them to do that was to use our furniture. Lacey’s Lookout gives dogs and cats their own super-comfy bed right in front of the best window in the house, providing maximum comfort and entertainment for hours on end.

The patent pending design of Lacey’s Lookout is completely unique. There is nothing else like it on the market. In other words, there is no other pet window seat furniture on the market.

Lacey’s Lookout was designed specifically for our pets with 3 things in mind:

  • Beauty,
  •  Comfort,
  • Safety.

The Lookout comes in 2 elegant finishes: espresso, which is a very dark chocolate, and natural, which shows the color of the wood. We also offer an unfinished version for those of you who would like to finish it yourselves to match any décor in your home.

The bed covers are like velvet. The microsuede is beautiful, soft, luxurious, durable and hard-wearing, easy to clean and launder, and will stay beautiful for a long time.

We offer 4 rich colors to choose from – honey, berry, chocolate, and navy.

The carpet on the step is a medium brown, which goes well with both the espresso and the natural finishes. And the carpet is removable for cleaning, to keep it looking beautiful.

The bed is offered in two styles: a bolster couch and a rectangle cushion. With a bolster couch, your dog or cat can curl up against the bolster, snuggle in, and feel safe and secure. The bolster also provides a chin rest for maximum viewing pleasure out the window.

The ultra-comfy rectangle cushion provides a larger surface area for the dog to sprawl out on than the bolster bed. It’s great for bigger dogs.

Safety is also a primary part of the design.

There is a depression where the bed sits to minimize the bed sliding around when the dog jumps or steps up. The weight of the bed also prevents the bed from moving around. Plus, the unit will be pushed up against a window, so if there is any movement, it won’t move very far.

Believe it or not, the step was very carefully thought through. First, the step runs the width of the platform, and the usable depth is 16”, which encourages even the most step-avoiding dog (like Lacey) to use the step. Cats use the step in other ways, like sharpening their claws!

The carpet provides a non-slip surface for the dog so jumping on the step is a solid movement. The step is attached to the platform with a dowel, so there’s no risk of the step turning over when the dog jumps from the step to the platform.

The Lookout is made of Baltic Birch, which is a very strong plywood commonly used in children’s furniture due to its strength, durability, and high quality. Plus it’s a beautiful wood.

All stains and finishes are low VOC, low formaldehyde, and comply with guidelines for children’s toys for lead and 7 other heavy metals.

About Project Creator:

Anna Florey

My passion is animals, pure and simple. I have a PhD in Business Management.

My purpose is doing everything I can to make sure they have happy, healthy, playful, joy-filled lives, along with their human companions and families.

In the world, I’m a serial entrepreneur and avid pet lover. I decided to marry the 2 in 2008 by co-founding an online store selling dog products, called The Uncommon Dog. In 2012, I sold my half of the company to my business partner so I could work on Lacey’s Lookout with more focus.In and around those times, I co-founded (and subsequently sold) an internet marketing…


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