Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Cerebral Diversions; an interactive hobby magazine and club

Cerebral Diversions is the complete connection for all hobbyists, at all levels, to collect, learn and share their interests and skills.

Cerebral Diversions is a one of a kind website about hobbies. But it goes further than just transcribing information from another website and posting it. You can tell that each of the hobby articles is told from the person that was involved with what happened. You are really getting first hand information. You are also getting edited and fact checked articles. It is a real magazine, like Time or Popular Science. A professional periodical. I believe they are going to be adding a new homepage element that will actually be a magazine rack. You will select a magazine off the rack of one of the different hobby categories and flip pages as you would if you were really reading the magazine. There will be numerous personal articles from hobbyists and plenty of activities to try. Eventually they will be including live feeds and webinars dealing with many hobby subjects.


One of the things that I really like about this website is it’s speed. Since they only display the websites information, then the site is not slowed or bogged down with superfluous advertisements. No ads popping up or inserting themselves in the middle of the article. Also no random videos waiting to load, which when finally do, end up being about something not worth seeing.


This website will truly cater to all hobbyists. Technology geeks will read about Visual Artists and Hikers will take interest in Gardening and then Floral Arranging. All at the same website. It will get people interested in doing more than just what they are used to. 
Each week new articles will appear. And even if it isn’t in my hobby, it will still be interesting.


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