Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Best Magical Photography of My Life: 1987- 2015

Photography of my new life since 1987 featuring my muse, Donna Wynbrandt’s photogenic posing and her fine art.

For my new book I want to raise $10,000. for my project. All costs considered, I think this is a fair price.  I will do an offset printed this time:  B&W and Color.

My first book, “The Way We Were”, garnered a very good KirKus Review.

In my new book I want to tell the story of Donna Wynbrandt with me for 28 years. I want to do this with pictures I have taken with Donna by my side over these years in chronological order, with technical data and anecdotes about our adventures. I want to show, also, pictures of Donna in front of my camera over these years.  I find that Donna is a veritable posing mime.  She is an artist in this regard and a fine artist painter as well !  So then, this book will have three features; magical pictures, Donna Wynbrandt posing and fine art.

Donna is posing in my feature double picture, WTC 1988 and  WTC2 2013.  This is 25 years apart.


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