Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Alice in Wonderland 150th Anniversary Edition

150th Anniversary word-for-word graphic novel of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, styled after John Tenniel - $15 signed

For the 150th Anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I have created an Official Collectors’ edition, unabridged graphic novel that has been endorsed by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America.
A must for Wonderland fans during this unique event in history. My rewards include discounted signed copies, a hard-bound book dedication, and a cover sponsorship. I already have worldwide distribution in place through Amazon, and will be using my Kickstarter funds for promotion purposes. Project ends 13 November. 2015.


About Project Creator:

Glenn Diddit

Glenn Diddit graduated Austin Peay and worked odd jobs while establishing himself as an illustrator and Epistemological postulator. His passion is promoting world literacy and exploring the practical and metaphysical significance of the historical Jesus Christ. Find him through Google, etc. He enjoys rolling industrial mining dump-trucks off steep hills and flying in squirrel suits, neither of which he has ever done.


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