Tuesday 20 December 2016
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130 to Save 24 Billion



We are Camel Water and we are asking for your help to make our campaign goal a reality.  The title of this campaign may sound a bit confusing until you know that we’re talking about the number of gallons of fresh drinking water that will be saved if we can get just a small percentage of the people in the United States to support our campaign.

If only 10% of the single family detached homes in the United States and Canada harvest, store and use rainwater with our 130 US gallon rainwater harvesting system, the total savings of treated - municipal or well water will be at least 24 BILLION gallons per year.

It’s simple and easy to do with a Camel Water System.  People have been harvesting rainwater for thousands of years.  In many places in the world, it’s the only viable source of fresh (not salty) water.  Rainwater has many uses including:

  • Irrigation
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Excess storm water retention (flood prevention)
  • Aquifer replenishment (restores underground water supplies when released slowly on the soil)

Rainwater is very easy and inexpensive to treat (filter and disinfect) making it completely safe for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Camel Water modular rainwater harvesting systems are very compact and easy to install using common hand tools. No heavy lifting required. A Camel Water module weighs less than 45 lbs. Storage capacity is easily expandable, one module at a time. You can add as many modules as required without using heavy lifting equipment or paying for expensive site preparation.

Raising public awareness of the current water crisis and our rainwater harvesting solution through social media and other avenues, including our active role on the research committee of ARCSA - the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association.

Expanding delivery capacity of our “state-of-the-art”, ultra slim water storage modules that offer superior benefits with virtually none of the headaches of other Rain Water Harvesting Systems (RWHS).  As the public becomes more aware of how critical our water situation has become and how smart, simple and easy our solutions are to use, there will be a surge in orders.  We need to be able to  keep pace with demand. Your contribution makes sure that we deliver the solutions quickly and effectively.

Donating Rain Water Harvesting Systems to schools and non-profit organizations. A Camel Water RWHS can also be a great educational tool. Getting our young people and community organizations involved is critical to the success of our campaign. We want everyone to know about wasteful water practices and how to conserve this precious resource. To further this goal, Camel Water, LLC will donate one 130 US gallon rainwater harvesting system to a school or non-profit for every twenty-five we sell.  If you want to join us in donating a RWHS, simply choose that perk and we will insure that it gets done and that you receive the recognition you deserve. You can also keep your donation anonymous if you prefer.
About Project Creator:

Camel Water is a team consisting of Mark Williams and Ken Sissons (with a little help from our friends and advisors).

Mark and Ken have been involved in various engineering, design, fabrication, installation, and consulting projects over an 18 year period.

Both have decades of experience in project management and product development. Our recognition of the severity of the current water crisis has motivated this effort to bring solutions to bear to decentralize water gathering, intended to lighten the load on current water supplies, storm drainage systems, and sewer systems.

While providing broader services to homeowners, institutions and commercial properties, our goal with this campaign is to raise awareness and offer an elegant, easy-to-install and effective way to gather rainwater for non-potable uses. Gathered rainwater can also be easily purified for potable purposes with products we make available through direct sales on our website.
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