Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Woombie Med Pods

Karen Barksi and Chelsea Vail are child care specialists with an innovative product to help hospitalized babies access the psychosocial benefits of swaddling. The Woombie Med Pod is a unique swaddle pack that provides 360 degrees of comfort and is a peanut shaped wonder that works around medical devices. Now premature infants and chronically ill babies can access the benefits of swaddling despite complicated treatment needs. The Woombie Med Pod has provided over millions of babies sound sleep and security. Parents can now support this unique healthcare initiative by mompreneurs Karen and Chelsea.

While Karen is a nurse, Chelsea is a Child care specialist and therapist. Both have a lot of experience, when it comes to caring for babies, especially in the face of hospitalization. Whether it is for bili babies, those with trach problems or gastronomy issues, the Woombie Pods are the perfect solution. Each customized pod provides the ultimate security, warmth and comfort to preemie and ill infants. Help the child care specialists reach out to US childcare hospitals and mother and child units by funding and supporting their initiative on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and ensure babies across the country receive the care they critically need.
Have a look at the INDIEGOGO Link below:

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