Sunday 24 June 2018
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WO|Disc : USA-made frisbee/tug toy feeds orphaned children

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WO Design announces the WO|Disc – USA made dog toy that helps orphaned children in Ethiopia

Introducing the WO|Disc – a fresh new concept in the world of flying dog frisbees and dog tug toys. The WO|Disc is designed with unique benefits to keep your dog happy and keep you engaged globally. Each WO|Disc you purchase will feed orphaned children in Ethiopia! 

There are 4.5m orphans in Ethiopia (yes, that “m” is for million!) and YOU can help them by purchasing a USA-made WO|Disc. Read the story behind WO Design and the WO|Disc below, then select your purchase level on the right. Thanks for your support!

The mission of WO Design (sounds like “whoa”) is to create, manufacture and sell consumer products that directly help widows + orphans in developing countries. Each WO|Disc sold will fund home cooked lunches for orphaned children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. But, only with YOUR help! These meals are often the highest source of nutrition in their day.

WO Design
 is seeking to extend our partnership with Bring Love In (BLI) and will give funds directly to their efforts to create “forever families” by matching widows and orphans in creation of local family units in Ethiopia. Each WO|Disc sold provides funds directly earmarked for meals for orphaned children at BLI.

The WO|Disc production mold is currently in process, but we won’t be able to finish it without your help.  The $7500 goal will provide funding for completion of the product tooling, material and packaging for our initial production run.  Estimated completion of production mold (with appropriate funding) is 10/30. Allowing a few weeks for production and testing, initial products should be rolling off the production line in mid-November of 2015. Orders are expected to be fulfilled by the end of November.

Proof-of-concept models were fabricated with PolyJet rapid prototyping machines that simulate the soft elastomers we will be injecting for the final products. These new processes are invaluable for creating an accurate injection molded feel for testing.

The manufacturing will be done in Montana, using injection molded thermoplastic elastomers. Design, prototyping and consultation on the WO|Disc courtesy of Salient Technologies in Bozeman, MT.

About Project Creator:

Josh Allen

Josh Allen and his wife, Holly, have been around the pet industry for the past 8 years. Resulting from a trip to Ethiopia in the fall of 2012, Josh was impressed with a desire and vision for helping widows & orphans in developing countries. WO Design was born out of that desire to help in 2014, creating pet products that have a tangible “give back” to help those in need. To date, WO Design has funded over 5,000 meals for widows & orphans through their inaugural product, the WO|Bone.

Josh & Holly are hoping to drastically enhance the effectiveness of the WO model with the WO|Disc and really put a dent in hunger in Ethiopia in the coming years.
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