Sunday 22 July 2018
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Wismiii – Your New Sense

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Today you help wismiii, tomorrow wismiii will help you.

Wismiii, Your new sense. Do you know a feeling when you don’t know where you have left your glasses? Or there were three of you, and now there are only two! Where is the third one? Report your loss. Contact other users. Tick places where you stay. Finally, get help and help the others! Wismiii reaches up to 3.5 billion people. Remember, not everyone will lose something today, but everyone may find something! With Wismiii, you will feel safer! Where-s-my – WISMIII

Wismiiii’s Functionalities

  • Report a thing or person found
  • Report a threat
  • Dangerous place
  • Offer to help in searching
  • Get rewards from persons reporting a loss
  • Take advantage of discounts of places where you are and where a loss has been reported or search has been conducted recently

Use Wismiii for your hobby, be a searcher, feel a new adventure, i.e. not only help, safety and fun, hobby and new adventures.

Richard Karpinski is the creator of Wismiii. He wants to solve the problems of people around the world. His passion is traveling, and creating solutions to facilitate everyday life. Richard says “I feel a friend of all of you because I know that we can help each other. Key words that describe our project is a sense of safety, minimising fear against losing something that is important for us, and the fact that today I help someone else and tomorrow someone else will help me. I don’t like parting with something that is important for me, in particular by losing it.

That is why with Wismiii we will find something that is important for us all over the world. You don’t want to help. That’s your choice, but feel the power of the community which uses Wismiii. You will not pass a lost object quietly because in your head there will appear a thought “what if I have lost something?” Exactly! Join Wismiii.”

Richard has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $250,000 in order to launch a world-wide application, send gifts to members all over the world, and promote the project.

In the creator’s own words: I am sure that thanks to Wismiii, all of you will live better. I understand that some of you can found this idea strange, but for me it is something really precious. I will use all my efforts to enable all of you to find what you lose and all of you can help whenever you want. You don’t need to disclose your identity. You don’t need to return a thing you find in person, but please, don’t throw it in the waste bin. Don’t damage it. Simply, put it in a certain place, notify Wismiii, and you will please someone or even save one’s life. We, people will manage. But what about animals? How to install Wismiii for them? Exactly! Thanks to Wismiii, people, animals and objects have a chance to be safe. And nothing will provide better help than a great number of Internet users all over the world.

There are already 3.5 billion of us and I realise that no-one is able to support Wismiii on their own. Thus, let’s get to work and do it together, as a team. And hang the bird feeder on the tree in front of your office window and each bird that will eat there will show you its gratitude in such a simple way.
Wismiii is especially for you. Yes, for you, as well..


  • Prayer for backers
  • New Year’s Competition
  • Personal e-mail + appWismiii
  • A postcard signed -handwriting
  • Original gloves from video
  • Engraved Wismiii
  • Bird feeder

Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.
Have a look at the Indiegogo link for more information:

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