Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Whisper Node

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Finally an ultra-low power Arduino compatible board with build-in RF able to run your AVR projects for years on a single AA battery!

Getting your Arduino to communicate to each other over-the-air, when powered by batteries, is now easier and cheaper with the new Whisper Node. This Arduino-compatible board, with wireless communication out-of-the-box has been specially designed to run for years on regular Alkaline batteries. The main difference from this and other Arduino boards is the highly-efficient power regulator, which will power up the micro-controller and the built in radio transceiver from a single AA battery or a coin-cell.

Relying on a sub-GHz radio, this board offers not only better range but also additional features like hardware encryption and CRC if compared to other popular 2.4Ghz RF modules. The kit comes with full headers and an external antenna. For additional convenience it also counts with 4Mbit flash memory chip, which can be used to store any data or even to perform MCU firmware upgrades over-the-air.

In case you need more power, still possible to plug an USB adapter and take advantage of the dual LDO regulator to drive anything you like. In this configuration you can still have a battery connected and use it as a backup supply. The whole idea is to give more flexibility without losing features.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbyist or are doing some serious work, the Whisper Node is an essential tool when developing solutions for the connected world.

Talk² Whisper Node

A real ultra-low power board based on the popular AVR ATMega328p, the same chip used on the Arduino. Thanks to a highly efficient step-up switching regulator, this board can be powered with little as 0.9V. In another words, you can run it on a single Alkaline Cell, for very long periods, until the battery is totally dry.

If you prefer you can still plug a standard 5V power supply, like an USB charger, and take advantage of the dual 300mA LDO regulator. This give you much more flexibility while developing or running hunger projects and you still can use the battery as a backup.

Low, very Low Power

How many times you’ve built a system to work on batteries and succeeded? It’s frustrating that so many people don’t even try it, most because the majority of Arduino alike boards are not designed for that.

Talk² Whisper Node has been specially design to work with low voltage. The board and its components run at 3.3V, but anything from 0.9V will power it up for a long time.

Battery Life

In a real life example, if you are planning to use Whisper Node to blink a led and transmit some data every minute, a temperature reading for example. It’s very likely you’ll be able to do than in 10ms for every cycle. Lets suppose you are doing more things every and spending 30ms awake. In this case a single AA Alkaline battery should last for over 1.5 years. Now if you throw a second battery or simply run your cycle every 2 minutes instead, you could have it running for over 3 years!

Built-in RF

Every Talk² Whisper Node comes with a built-in Sub-GHz RFM69 RF Module. This is a great piece of hardware based on the advanced Semtech SX1231. If offers not only an excellent range indoor/outdoor, but it counts with additional features like:

  • CRC and AES 128-bit encryption by hardware;
  • 66 bytes FIFO and RSSI;
  • Up to 300kb/s;
  • Low RX power consumption of 16mA.

That’s not all, Talk² Whisper Node has a proper SMA connector and will be shipped with a real 2dBi external Antenna.

Compatible with Arduino

The Talk² Whisper Node is compatible with Arduino code and IDE. You can simple write your projects in a language you’re already used to and upload to the board using an ISP Programmer or the FTDI interface.

Technical Specifications

Here some technical details about the product. Please note that some specifications might change but we’ll preserve the original functionalities.


About Project Creator:

Mike Musskopf

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He is the creator of Whisper Node, a senior IT professional with more than 15 years of experience. He has worked in many different industries but in the last 5 years he start to dedicate himself to study and work with projects related to environment sensing, home automation and remote control. The Internet-of-Things boom just start to happen and Mr. Musskopf is keen to share his experience and passion for this subject.


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