Saturday 26 May 2018
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Von Selfie Elfies

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Von Selfies started from an immature place. A silly place.

After leaving a stressful job working for a very difficult boss, I wanted to find a plushy in his image to use as toilet brush. It was very immature of me, but it hey, we all have our own quirky coping mechanisms.

I was not able to find scrub brushes that looked like my ex boss. And although I could order a customized bobble head in his image, a hard plastic figurine didn’t quite fit the job at hand. I could buy a personalized rag doll, but those were very expensive and I was not going to spend $75 to $125 for a fleeting thrill.

And so off I went, mission at hand, to relearn some home-ed sewing skills. But my goal quickly changed from a cheap thrill to something bigger. I wanted to make inexpensive small cloth replicas of people and pets I actually love.

From the very beginning, a Von Selfie had to look like the person or pet it represents (not sort of, or if you squint really hard). And a Von Selfie had to be fun, cute, and make people giggle.

And giggles is what they bring to all the people we have created these for- whether people use them as fridge magnets, ornaments, stocking stuffers, Desk Buddies, or, as dashboard tchokes.

And if we get a kick out of them, maybe other people might enjoy them too. So Von Selfies, the company, was born. And Von Selfies LLC won’t just give individual customers a smile, it will spread that goodwill to local charities. It will donate a portion of proceeds to local charities.
About Project Creator:

Wanda Mary Meininger

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I am a controller of a large company by day, and an entrepreneur by night, so I have a deep business background. I am shy, but love people and consider my friends and coworkers my family. I am a single mom of three beautiful children that are the joy of my life. von Selfies LLC is my first start up, and it is probably the bravest and dumbest thing I have ever done, and I have done a lot of dumb things (just ask my kids). My deepest wish is to grow a company that gives back to the community, especially underprivileged children. Every child deserves love, food, and shelter. It’s a big ol’ world with wonderful people, some of whom need a little help before they can help themselves.


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