Sunday 27 May 2018
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Volunteering in Peruvian Orphanage

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Peru is a stunning, yet impoverished country. There are approximately 570 000 orphans living on the streets. I will be traveling to Cuzco in January/February to visit an orphanage for teen mothers (aged 11-16) and their babies. I will be helping to upgrade some facilities as well as providing care to these amazing girls in need.

I will stay at the orphanage to keep costs low. My main expenses will be materials for the orphanage. I plan on taking a certain amount over in extra luggage, but will also be taking the project manager shopping for items they need at the time such as nappies, soap, toothbrushes, bedding, etc.

The flights have now been purchased which makes this all the more real. I’m in the process of getting my passport and collecting donations of babies clothing and shoes to take.

If you are in a position to help out in some way other than directly donating, please get in contact with me on 0404 597 196 or at

Thank you for your time and help me share!


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