Tuesday 14 August 2018
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VESSO Jewelry – Affordable, Stylish, High Quality

Cutting across styles and trends, Vesso is a jewelry brand with a difference. Specializing in forged fashion, with urban accessories that strike the right balance between street wear and upscale jewelry, Vesso founder Vic Vesso has come up with the perfect jewelry for those who value original, unique pieces that reflect their individuality. Trendsetter attitudes, dramatic impact and finely detailed accessories that breathe life into any ensemble make Vesso a true market leader.

Vesso was created out of a passion for jewelry and a strong motivation to make quality accessories affordable and accessible to all. Brand inflation and retail markup of well known brands has inspired Vesso’s journey to create stylish 18K gold plated jewelry that is crafted with care. Studying trends to inspire style and fashion, the Vesso team has worked with leading names in the industry to come up with fashion jewelry that everyone can appreciate. The Vesso brand is associated with a minimalist style that speaks a universal language of appeal.

Highest quality materials are used backed with a lifetime guarantee. Now, get the perfect look with accessories priced at half the cost of designer brands with Vesso. Whether you opt for the Rolex inspired and Vesso designed 18K gold plated watch link bracelet, or the simple yet elegant iconic Gold cross, Vesso lets you express your individuality. From Tupac to DJ Khaled’s music movement, the inspirations for Vesso designs and pieces come from popular culture. Consider the deluxe herringbone chain Xena Choker which is a vintage 90s rapper style piece that is as bold as it is definitive. Each of the Vesso pieces have been designed to reflect style and individuality that is as distinctive as the accessories this jewelry brand creates.
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