Saturday 18 August 2018
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VEREL-The new desing for the world

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VEREL, the fine and new design for woman, for the world. It made with genuine and natural elements.

VEREL: Items are

  • VEREL, the fine and exclusive design for woman.Designs with aesthetics, clean and contemporary elegance for a very feminine customer, character and personality.
  • VEREL, has specialized workshops for the manufacture and production of garments, with a specialized labor team: dressmakers, tailors, embroiderers, etc. with high quality control.
  • VEREL has two design lines: RTW & COUTURE.
  • VEREL work with several types of materials, leather, linen, cotton, etc.
  • Manufactured in Argentine

My project

My project has several stages, first install my atelier, but one of the things I most excited about right now is that I have been invited to participate in several of the most important portals e-commerce internacinales, it is a great opportunity for me to expand my designs worldwide.

For this it is important to have a good production of a collection of designs that reflect the spirit of Verel and Argentine design. Have a good base to manage the sale of products on an international level and to participate in international fashion shows.

With your kind help I can develop collections of clothing that may arise in several international markets portals such as: America, Europe and Asia, since installing my atelier as a base. It’s amazing what can get done with your help !!!. Now I have a team of impeccable work, I just need your help and to put this project on track !!


Link to the Project:

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