Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Unleash the Power of the Pelvis

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Party, dance, sweat, laugh, and explore movement in a liberating, rhythmic healing journey with teacher/entertainer Yogini Katherine.

A uniquely healthy and educational night life experience of movement medicine. It offers us an opportunity to let go of the stories and concepts so we can free our minds and drop deep into the authentic self to allow our primal instincts to joyously move us without agendas, concepts, fear or judgment. There is time to socialize, enjoy healthy drinks, relax, witness, and find your own unique dance between structured offerings of instruction in rhythmic pelvic movements, rooted in African, Arabic, South American, and purely instinctual styles. Enjoy a journey to pelvic liberation and low back release. The results of practicing the movements encouraged at this party are relief from lower back pain caused by excess sitting, enhanced sexual health, and greater confidence.

Katherine and her talented friends are inviting men and women to party, play, and learn some really great moves that strengthen and heal the body, as well as improve attitudes and our emotional health.  Videos will also be released onto the Yoga Magick website for the whole world to enjoy and all backers will be the first to get access.

Pelvic movement is for both genders.  We have pelvises, so let’s do something fun and healthy with them as we free our minds of foreboding judgements that turn us off!  This is how  we can be completely liberated, or in other words, “turned on” in a joyful , collected, focused, confident, and relaxed way, which brings us naturally to a more masterful life and finding more grace in all movements, as well as higher levels of fulfilment in love.

It’s an Ecstatic Pelvic Playshop Party, Designed to Elevate Your Entire Being: Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul!

This is a very special and unique offering that will provide people with some hands (or hips) on movement medicine that is also really fun and feels really good… Potentially too good!

Benefits of the practices taught and demonstrated at the party and in videos coming to the site are greater confidence, inner peace, enhanced circulation, relief from lower back pain, less sciatica, no more sacral discomfort (pain in the butt), and improved grace in walk, along with greatly improved lovemaking experiences.

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Katherine Russ

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Katherine Russ is a multidisciplinary artist, entertainer, and writer who has been studying a broad range of yogic disciplines over the last twenty-six years. In 2002 she worked closely with an incredibly successful retired motivational development guru and actor who trained her in a plain English version of the psychology of yoga. This experience transformed not only her life but her world, saving her from emotional suffering that began to plague her as a teenager.

She has been teaching coast to coast in the US and abroad for the past eight years and is now ready to serve more of the general public, including the age 60+ population, with what she calls the hidden yoga. This includes not only breathing, vocalization, and body movement, but powerful keys of personal conduct and special modes of thought for enhanced emotional health which require zero flexibility.

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