Monday 13 August 2018
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Uniting Images

What if you could find a missing family member or a beloved pet at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a smartphone? Uniting Images is a smart web app which makes this possible. Muhittin Arpaci and his team of web app developers have come up with this novel and unique idea, where picture and information matching are both used to locate missing family, friends, individuals, pets, goods, antiques and all that you cherish and seek to restore to your rightful self. Uniting Images is a unique web app, because it is specific, speedy, fast, timely, affordable and valuable.

Its easy customization makes it perfect for using in different spheres and fields of reconnection. Helping people worldwide to meet reconnection challenges, the Uniting Images team helps people find what they have been missing for years. Picture ID match is not the only benefit. Even if you do not have a picture, you can use the yellow ribbon tag and offer details like birthmarks, nicknames and more to get to the point where identification is sure and certain. Participating individuals meet in a neutral digital environment of the website, next to reconnect. Uniting Images connects people across distances, time gaps and regions. Help this web app become a real problem solver by extending your support today on Indiegogo where this campaign seeks your assistance.
For more information , Please check the INDIEGOGO link below:

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