Tuesday 17 July 2018
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UltraDuo Z2: The smart dual-lens dashcam

Cansonic’s UltraDuo Z2 is a dashboard camera with a difference. This unique take on the dashcam offers a special innovation through the use of 180-degree rotatable dual lens. As a result of their distinctive features, these lenses can record images in both directions. So, you are assured peace of mind as a driver. Whether you want to avert a rear collision, or a car backing into you, now you have the best accessory for boosting driving accountability on the roads.

In the unfortunate event that there is an accident, the Z2 records the footage for insurance and litigation purposes too. The UltraDuo Z2 uses a unique looping technology that adds value by overwriting old, unused files with new videos so you don’t have to worry about memory capacity. Taking driver security and safety to a whole new high, Cansonic’s UltraDuo Z2 offers the unique benefit of unlimited memory and an eye on every aspect of the traffic or internal passenger interaction (throught the commercial edition). Extend your support to Cansonic’s unique dashcam on Indiegogo today and make the road safe for everyone.
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