Tuesday 17 July 2018
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T&K Wallet

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The Handcrafted Slim Wallet & Sleeve.



Founded by Tuck & Kim, more than 20 years of tailor experience. We love minimalism and quality crafted goods. Hefty wallet makes you uncomfortable and so, we crafted this wallet and sleeve for daily convenience.


The Wallet holds up to 7-8 (or more) credit cards size and thickness, together with 7-8 business cards yet the wallet is not more than 1.5cm! The Card sleeve thickness is less than 0.8cm with 7-8 cards in it. A good choice to bring along with your daily access cards. Good price, good quality, lightweight & slim, minimal.

We are a small team of three which strive to give you the superlative handcrafted quality goods. If there is unpredictable matter occur we will do our best to sort it out in soonest time possible. We sincerely appreciate your understanding.


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