Sunday 27 May 2018
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Tirai – instant changing room on the go

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Easy to use vechicle accessory to comfortably change clothes outdoors offers both space and privacy for the entire family.

Tirai is an amazing vehicle accessory for you and your family to conveniently change clothes outdoors in a private and spacious way that’s designed for almost all SUV, minivans and station wagons. It’s perfect for the active family enjoying the outdoors at the lake, pool or park and need some privacy to change out of wet or dirty clothes. Perfect for adults or children to use when a little privacy is needed.

It’s a great accessory to have during road trips, soccer practice, office picnic and lawn parties.
Tirai’s privacy curtain system is made of a quality fabric that converts any vehicle with a magnetic hatchback door into an INSTANT changing room on the go.

The attached magnets provide an instant and reliable vehicle attachment without any permanent hooks, fasteners, or clunky installation. Tirai is made in the USA and come in several colors. Tirai is going to make your outdoor activities even more enjoyable and convenient.


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