Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Tired of having to remove all the hair that gets stuck in your brushes? If so then EZNET is for you!

If you have long hair or know someone who does, then we’ve just created THE go-to beauty aid to make your life a whole lot easier. Introducing EZNET.

EZNET fits right over almost any hairbrush. Just slip its patented design on and GO! Now when it’s time to clean up all the tangles, you simply lift it off in one shot! No more mess. No more damaged bristles. Just a super clean, bacteria free brushing experience every time. But we didn’t stop there! EZNET is heat resistant up to 350 degrees F, so it works with hairdryers and it even changes color in excessive heating conditions to prevent hair damage. And yes, EZNET works with pet brushes too!

Ez- Net is based on:

  • Innovation;
  • Professionalism;
  • Accountability and Reliability.

EZ Net Hair Care prides itself in each one of these categories and strives to excel when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Now you can remove dead hair and bacteria from the bristles of your hairbrush as well as your pets brushes! Its that EZ!

Our goal is to produce our EZNETS in AMERICA. Right now we outsource in China because we can not afford to produce them here. Lets create American Jobs.  We are proud of our country, so we want to be able to buy a place close to home where we can produce and operate from.


EZ- Net fits around virtually any hairbrush, enabling you to brush your hair, without the burden of having to pull out the strands left behind that inevitably get stuck.

Once you’ve accumulated an undesirable amount of hair, simply peel EZ- Net off and throw it away!


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