Friday 17 August 2018
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The Tidy Moose

Ivanka Siolkowsky, a former elementary school teacher, has set herself a challenge. Currently a professional organizer, Ivanka wants to create a sense of discipline and organization in kids worldwide. The result is her awesome book on tidying up through the eyes of protagonist Merle the Moose. “The Tidy Moose” is a fun-filled educational book that seeks to help children acquire learning outcomes for knowledge creation and personal development.

The book showcases the adventures of Merle as he sets out to tidy up and help others in organizing their belongings too. Highlighting the importance of lending a helping hand and tidying up, this book is an endeavor to help more kids learn the benefits of organization. Ivanka also has a Masters in Education, apart from experience in teaching kids, so this book is designed to be appealing and of great value, keeping the perspective of children in mind.

Ivanka always had an organized classroom and now she wants to teach organizational skills to kids beyond her classroom. Help Ivanka successfully launch this book by supporting the crowdfunding campaign for “The Tidy Moose” on Kickstarter.
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