Thursday 16 August 2018
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The Tattoo Club: Curse of the Dragon

When Kendrick Simmons made the transition from a Las Vegas slum where he was born in 1979, to the shores of Hawaii, he worked hard to carve a future for himself. Working as a security guard, he made ends meet while he acquired a deeper knowledge of movie making through community television courses and a graduate degree in television production. Learning from professionals in the industry and inspired by cult classics, he started his own production house K.Simmons Production LLC in 2010.

Seeking USD 25,000 in funds to make his mega franchise, “The Tattoo Club: Curse of the Dragon” a real success, Kendrick has always had what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of movie making. Bringing movie magic to cine goers, his production juggernaut aims to feature a film with sequels and a TV series along with a comic book series and even gaming products.

Kendrick has the commitment and dedication to succeed, but lacks the funds. Help him and be part of a new cult classic in the exciting genre of sci-fi/martial arts. Support his production endeavor on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo where Kendrick has started a campaign to get contributions from true movie lovers. Translate movie magic into reality by lending a helping hand to this grassroots film production, which will generate jobs for the local community too.
Have a look at the INDIEGOGO Link below:

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