Wednesday 18 July 2018
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The Rewild(her)’s Journey: conservation through illustration

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Help artist Marissa Quinn travel the West Coast to illustrate and publish a book on native species, land, and conservation lifestyle


My name is Marissa Quinn and I am an artist from San Diego, California. Since the completion of my MFA (Master of Fine Art) degree two years ago, I have held a dream in my heart  – a dream to travel up and down the entire West Coast of the United States by living and camping out of my van in order to create an illustrated book of our land!

The Dream: 

With that being said, I am currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to launch my dream of living out the contents of my grad school MFA Thesis paper- which is to combine creativity through the arts, community, and conservation in order to inspire paradigm shifts into living integrated lives connected to the Earth. I am hoping to follow the example of the “rewilding” movement currently happening in conservation biology, and adding the third element of art.

The Goal: 

The goal is to travel and illustrate the West Coast by living and camping out of my van in order to create and publish a book called “The Rewild(her)’s Journey: Conservation through Illustration“.

From June 5th – July 31st I will be driving from the boarder of Mexico to the boarder of Canada and back, gathering information and creating an illustrated experience of travel to inspire environmental conservation through art. This is also significant, as this journey will align with the 100 year anniversary of our National Parks.

The Rewild(her)’s Journey” will be an experiential book meant to serve as the reader’s guide to travel and drawing.

It will be filled with my sketches, notes, quotes, thoughts, and feelings spilled out onto 100+ pages from the road.

At the beginning of each chapter there will be a hand-drawn map pin-pointing the location of the creation of the chapter in order to bring the reader through the journey.

Blank velum pages, will be at the end of each chapter so that the reader can tear them out and trace the sketches in the chapter, as well as several blank pages for the reader’s own sketches and notes.

One section near the end of the book will be devoted to presenting clean pages of completed landscape and specimen drawings.

If this inspires you, I am wondering if you have any contacts that might be interested in partnering with me on this project? Or if you know of any grants that might align with this as well?
To donate, please click the link below!

About Project Creator:

My name is Marissa Quinn and I am a full time artist living and working out of San Diego, California.

I have a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) from Azusa Pacific University, where I also gained experience co-teaching Life Drawing and Anatomy to undergraduate art students. I recently had a show at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, called “Cyclical Paradoxologies” where I completed an 8′ x 6′ live drawing to bring awareness to threatened California species.

I am currently working with several conservation groups to illustrate and support environmental health and would love to work alongside more! Hope you enjoy the work!

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